Car Loan Special Extended!

Now through the end of June:

New Car:

2014/2013 never titled

36 months 2.24%
48 months 2.24%
60 months 2.49%
72 months 2.99%

Used Car:


36 months 2.74%
48 months 2.99%
60 months 3.24%
72 months 3.49%


36 months 2.74%
48 months 2.99%
60 months 3.24%

It's Your Money... Keep it!

Did you know, the funds in your account could be sent to the Unclaimed Property Department of your residential state if no activity can be found on your account within the last three years? (Dividends do not qualify for activity on your account)

You can prevent your account from being closed and all available funds sent to your residential state by reactivating your account by doing the following:

  • Make a deposit or withdrawal (in any amount) to/from your account either by mail, by visiting your neighborhood branch, or by one of our transfer options.

Important to remember: Always keep your address and phone numbers current with us, we will attempt to contact you before the deadline.

Ignore the Score

Other lenders are interested in your credit score. We’re not. We’re interested in you, the person. We base our loan policies on credit union philosophy, particularly the five Cs of credit:


We probably already know you. If we don’t, we want to get to know you. Honestly, attitude, responsibility and conscientiousness count most to us.


You, of course, must be able to repay your loan. We’ll look at the asset of assets we can use to secure your debt. Perhaps it’s a car or savings account.

Capacity to borrow:

Your ability to repay also is determined by your debt-to-income ratio. The lower your debt, the better.


It includes regular income – whether from a paycheck, social security or other retirement funds. Savings are important too, including your habit of saving.

Credit history:

We assess how you’ve handles other loans. Do you always pay on time?  If so, you’ll impress us. If not, you’ll need to talk with us further. Chances are we can give you another chance.

Ignore the score but don’t ignore us. We’ve got money to lend!

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2014 Park Tickets

Discount Amusement Park Tickets Are Now Available For Dorney Park, Hershey Park and Great Adventure.

For more information visit the Additional Services page.

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Memorial Day

Monday, May 26

The AFCU App Just Got Better - Remote Deposit Is Here!

We've been telling you for the last few months about how we've been working to improve your Credit Union experience with our new mobile app and now we've enabled Remote Deposit. You can now deposit checks without driving to a branch or putting checks in the mail! Use Remote Deposit to scan and upload check images for electronic deposit into your account. A snap of a photo, that is! 

If you'd like to get Remote Deposit added to your account please contact one of our representative for an application and more information.

Note, you must have the Allentown Federal Credit Union app installed on your smartphone to use Remote Deposit.

Download on your device now:

Allentown FCU Home Banking - Computer Marketing Corporation Android app on Google Play

*Please update your personal information with one of our associates, so that we may serve you more efficiently.
AFCU is unable to process bills through a saving account.

Your Credit Union is Safe & Secure

While other financial institutions are experiencing economic turmoil,your credit union remains SAFE and SECURE. We have our members’ best interest at heart and we only use responsible lending practices.


If you have any questions about the stability of the Credit Union, don'thesitate to contact us. After all—you are a member-owner!

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